Game of Life

Loki is the solo project of Dutch artist Lieke Dijkstra.
In this new vehicle, the deep-toned songwriter unveils herself in a minimalist formula, where the electric guitar, ney flute, and layered vocals accompany her introspective lyrics. Following in the footsteps of Björk and Melanie De Biasio, Loki evolves in a world of clair-obscure, delivering songs imbued with an ideal of timelessness.


Questioning the obvious is at the core of what she tends to do. The chosen form is preferably unexpected: and often switched disciplines. “A few years ago I was a theatre director, then a  visual artist and now a producer, or perhaps I am still all three, or something in between.


Sometimes an idea in my mind materializes as an object, while at other times it becomes a happening or an immersive concert. I derive childlike joy from changing the playground; a new creation must above all be a leap into the unknown for myself. Ideally, I blur the boundaries between reality and fiction.


It is my passion. 


On that note… please enjoy my website:)


I hope to see you at a show someday, somewhere…



Plekk Amsterdam

Vurige Tongen