Tea and Dragons is a collective of musicians and artists brought together by Lokiproject with the aim of creating performances that focus on listening, rather than performing. The framework of these sessions is built around the ritual of making and drinking tea, an art that is symbolic of the jam itself;  the ingredients slowly infuse the tea, and the participants infuse the jam. This process is a collective experience, where the audience and space is an ingredient as well as the performer. While tea is heating up, no-one knows beforehand how the tea will turn out, and as you are yourself an ingredient, what you give is what you get.



The name Tea and Dragons is representative of the two main ingredients T&D; the tea, symbolizing the centerpoint of collective focus and contribution, and the dragons, symbolizing the power of the unknown. The magic of Tea and Dragons  lies in the fact that it tempts you to explore, play and seek out parts of yourself that are new and exciting. This is what gives the session its heat: the focus is highest when players do not yet know themselves what they will do, or sound like and it is at these moments that ‘the dragon is in the room’. 


The game; In every session; three musicians, one visual artist and an interested group of participants out of the  audience meet each other on the same floor to make one pot of tea. Each participant in the game contributes one (literal)  ingredient to the tea. While the tea is heating up, the artists translate place and time into three rounds of sound compositions; re-infusing the tea, to wake up the dragon in the room. 

It is not the staging of perfection and order, but rather a stage to enhance the natural beauty of chaos.

Our Journey

Tea and Dragons 7 november 2023 Paradiso Poster


Handmade ceramic cups (stoneware),

by the Tea and Dragons


Also known as ‘thumbcups’, for they are made by

pinching the clay with the thumb, to fit the hand.

Every cup is imperfect and unique in it’s own way.



Available in the colours: off-white, red and black

White glaze on the inside and transparant glaze on the outside

price; 22,- (all colours)