Tea and dragons

Tea and Dragons is a recurring music concert that focuses on listening rather than performing,

born out of an experimental music experience that first took place in 2021, 

hosted and designed by founder Lokiproject.


How it started

Tea and Dragons started with a series of concerts in 2021 to give stage to a new wave of

 eccentric artists. At that time, many stages closed their doors because of the the viral scare, 

so a movement was born to transform unusual locations, such as; 

windmills, botanic gardens, empty concert halls, and abandoned churches into temporary stages.


Later on an annual festival followed and the creation of ‘the choir’.

*the choir is an all female group that composes live with the use of sign language, also known as ‘Soundpainting




In addition to the music, Tea and Dragons has developed a tea ritual that creates a new definition to the relationship between audience, artist and space. 

In this ritual the focus is on; listening and sensory awareness,

giving more freedom to artistic exploration and improvisation.

The game

The concept of a Tea and Dragon session is very simple, 

yet still complex in its simplicity.

In every session; three musicians, one visual artist and an interested group of audience meet each other on the same floor to make one pot of tea with all the ingredients that are brought. 

While tea is heating up, the artists translate place and time into sound; 

re-infusing the tea, 

to wake up the dragon in the room.


“It is not the staging of perfection and order, but rather a podium for the chaos of nature.”