Loki – about


‘Prioritizing feeling over perfectionism.’
This is the credo that drives the restless creativity of singer and producer Lieke Dijkstra, ‘Loki Project’. Having a restless youth, she decided to leave her hometown at age sixteen to move to the city. Here she dedicated her time to writing music, poetry and the visual arts.

Performing at open mics, cafe’s and festival giggs, her career started off, sharing what she called ‘songs for no-one’. At the outskirts of the city she built her first studio with four fellow band members. She used her visuals to communicate, write and record her first self-released-live-album in 2019, called ‘no-one’.

By the time her first album came out she created the alter ego ‘Loki’, referring to the shapeshifter in the north mythology. Still searching for a particular sound, she entered the world of producing in 2020 and spent most of her time in a monastery in the north of France to record her second album ‘game of life’.
Game of life is a musical deepening of a visual daydream she had in 2021.

Together with multi instrumentalists/producers Gino Bombrini and Gino Cochise she finalized her album. Using guitar strings as basic sound material, dark dubbed vocals and Chinese traditional instruments to create a paradox of a haunted edginess in a dreamlike landscape.