Hi I’m Lieke, 


As a musician I am interested in the sensual  nature of sound, its power of synchronization, coordination, release and change. My work often balances on the border of composition/improvisation, order/disorder. Through these natural elements I seek to create something that reflects the chaotic complex beauty of the natural world. 

The last two years I spend most of my time in a monastery,  

in the north of France to record my album ‘Game of Life’.  

Game of life is a musical deepening of a visual daydream I had in 2021.


The songs on this album truly came to life when I collaborated with multi instrumentalists/producers Gino Bombrini and Gino Cochise. Together we finalized the album, using guitar strings as basic sound material, harmonized vocals and classical instruments such as the Ghuzeng harp, Viola da Gamba and Mandolin. It’s a paradox of haunted edginess in a dreamlike landscape.  


I have a live show called ‘Loki’, and I travel around with my music, doing shows, performances, sound installations, storytelling and recordings. 

It is my passion. 

On that note… please enjoy my website:)

I hope to see you at a show someday, somewhere…


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